Welcome! I’m glad you’ve found me. Here’s a bit about me and this website.

A California native, I now divide my time between Northern Nevada and Southern California. My husband and I have grandchildren in Nevada and want to spend a lot of time with them but still consider California “home.”

I’m a stepmom and being a grandmother is an extra new experience for me because I’ve been there since the beginning of the children’s lives, and it has been wonderful to see them grow. Young children are also tiring, I don’t know how parents do it. And work too! Being a grandma rocks, though.

Writing has been my passion throughout my life. I was a technical writer, and now I’m unleashing my passion for fiction with three published novels so far.

Since my husband and I met, we’ve made it a point to travel. I would say he has a “bucket list,” and I’m happy to go too! I take notes and have one very fun travel journal my sister gave me for a trip to Europe. It’s the kind that has all these prompts to get you to look at things in a new way, try a different kind of coffee, get a map of the local streets and explore them in a spoke-like manner, record what you had for a meal, a lot of fun stuff. I’ll have to share that sometime, but meanwhile, the book I’m working on now, Catching Mist, draws on some of my travel notes for a globe-trotting girlfriend-bucket-list tale. Kelly Rush, devastated by a career setback, takes up the offer to travel with her ex-husband’s new wife, a trip that will change her life.

While I look for a publishing home for Catching Mist, I’m starting a new book about a woman learning that she can be a “real mom” and have a “real family” even though she’s never been able to have her own children. I’m excited to explore the theme of how we define and ultimately createfamily.

Please stick around, check out my books and my blog, send me an email, and sign up for my newsletter. I love hearing from readers and visitors!