Welcome! I’m glad you’ve found me. Here’s a bit about me and this website.

A California native, I now divide my time between Northern Nevada and Northern California because my husband and I have grandchildren in Nevada. We haven’t quite been ready to give up our home of twenty years, but spending time with family is important, so we do both.

I’m a stepmom and being a grandmother is an extra new experience for me because I’ve been there since the beginning of the children’s lives, and it has been wonderful. It’s also tiring, I don’t know how parents do it! And work too!

I’ve been writing for many years and have three published novels.

Since my husband and I met, we’ve made it a point to travel and sort of…check things off the “bucket list.” I hope you’ll browse my blog. I share a lot of travel pictures and also general thoughts.

My work in progress is a “bucket list” novel with two women traveling the world together because one of them has had a scary diagnosis and wants to see as many things as possible while she still can. I plan to incorporate travel in my books as much as possible and as the stories demand of course!