You’ll have to forgive me, I don’t usually get religious, but when I looked closely at this photo, I discovered this beautiful scene. I had  decided to work on this photo based on the excellent article in dPS Magazine by the brilliant Leanne Cole.

Her article inspired me to work on some architecture, and so the next obvious question is, do I have something in my collection I can use so I don’t have to go out and shoot something new?

Why yes! And I can remember it because it was in my last post, LOL!

I was fooling around with the perspective thing, you know with the tall modern building behind the short ancient church, playing around with emphasizing the curves in the patio in front, ho hum, so been done, and anyway I decided to — or accidentally, I really don’t remember — magnify the image. A lot. And right there on a bench with the church beaming down on him is this (I believe) homeless man. Wow. I had no idea he was even there! What a dolt! (Me, not him.) LOL! But anyway, once I saw him, I knew what I wanted to do with the image.


Here is the original again. (This was taken with an Android phone.)

Downtown Reno-3

Have a peaceful weekend. See you Monday.

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