Oh little roll
do you know
how much I want thee
oh little dinner roll?

What butter I could
spread on thee
what cheese could I laden
oh little dinner roll

But bread my fingers hurt
and dough my sugar spikes
so little roll
little dinner roll
to guests do I leave thee.

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Hey there! I hope you are enjoying post-Thanksgiving day. I ate some sugar (but no dinner rolls), and a little stuffing, and I gained some weight, but it was fun, nice to be with family and to put out our nice things we only use on holidays, and now it’s back to my routine. How are you fellow Americans holding up? I hope you aren’t shopping! LOL! Although I shouldn’t say that, I do have books to sell, but they’re not on sale, oops! However, please feel free to grab one, they aren’t expensive and e-books don’t have any packaging or use any resources! They are a guilt-free pleasure. *smile*

I hope you have a peaceful day. My Australian and other far-flung friends, I hope you get rain if you need it, sun if you need that, and all the way around, good internal weather.

*Keto-ist: One who follows the ketogenic diet. (I follow a modified one, and it helps with arthritis and the blood-sugar roller-coaster.)