The Wild Rose Press Lobster Cove series will always be my favorite because my first published novel, LOVE CATERS ALL, was in that series. It was very challenging to work with a group of authors and an editor to create a small town full of characters who know each other. It was a double challenge, both a first book and working with a “bible” to track all the details, but the results were great. I worked in that world for my second book, THIRD STRIKE’S THE CHARM, and I read lots of books in that series. Now it feels like a real place where I once lived.

What is your favorite book series and why?

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11 thoughts on “My Favorite Book Series and Why

  1. I don’t do as much reading these days, since I’m trying to get a lot of writing done. I’m usually working day and night, at 2 jobs, during the school year, counting the days until the summer break, when I can finally do some writing. But now? Since I’m in my house all day, (not getting paid, of course,) I’ve been self-publishing books that were out-of-print since a publisher went out-of-business last year. Editing your own words is tedious, but I can’t use the other versions, since I didn’t pay those editors.

    But on this blog-hop, I’m getting lots of suggestions for when I have the time to read again!


  2. First books always hold a place in our hearts, don’t they? I’m working on a book that’s part of a continuity at the moment so I understand the challenge. It’s not easy!


    1. Thanks, Cathryn, yes they do. Oh that’s great. It really isn’t easy and I questioned my sanity of having a double challenge like that but in a way it might have been easier because as a debit my enthusiasm carried me through the tough patches. 😉


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