Topic I could give an impromptu speech on


The joy of skiing. I grew up skiing and really the main reason I could give an impromptu speech on this topic is that I did one when I was in Toastmasters (a very short stint). I’m really not much of a speech giver, but I will say that if you are going to have to do any public speaking, join Toastmasters. It absolutely teaches you how to do it. I also, come to think of it, took a class when I worked in tech writing called High Tech Speaking, but I remember nothing about it even though I was video-taped doing it (and have the tape somewhere?). My one takeaway from that class was a pointer. I love my pointer! Actually, ouch, I lost that during my recent move. I was going to take a picture of it for you, but I can’t find it. That’s what happens when you move. But it will probably turn up. It was retractable, and you could pull it all the way out and stand in front of a screen, looking at your audience while pointing at whatever was on the screen. Very cool. (LOL!)

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Wednesday Weekly Blogging Challenge for April 8, 2020

My Favorite Book Series and Why


The Wild Rose Press Lobster Cove series will always be my favorite because my first published novel, LOVE CATERS ALL, was in that series. It was very challenging to work with a group of authors and an editor to create a small town full of characters who know each other. It was a double challenge, both a first book and working with a “bible” to track all the details, but the results were great. I worked in that world for my second book, THIRD STRIKE’S THE CHARM, and I read lots of books in that series. Now it feels like a real place where I once lived.

What is your favorite book series and why?

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Types of Exercise I Enjoy — blog hop

I love this topic from Long and Short Reviews. 

Well it’s pretty easy for me to answer, I love walking and kayaking.Nicci kayaking at night

I have found that if I love to do something, I actually do it consistently. This, I realize, is not a revelation, LOL! I don’t know about you, but the best news of the last twenty years was finding out that walking for thirty minutes most days is enough to be healthy. That’s something I can stick to. What do you like to do, if anything?

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Books I want to ReRead

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When I was a kid I read and reread James Herriot’s books, All Creatures Great and Small and the sequels.

As a teen I read and have since reread The Scapegoat by Daphne DuMaurier. I’ll probably read it again; it has a mystical gothic style I like.

I am rereading Making Things Better by Anita Brookner.

I have reread Left of the Rising Sun by John Holland several times, love that one.

I plan to reread Safe Harbor by Danielle Steel.

How about you?

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Blog Hop — Favorite couple from literature, TV or film

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Without thinking too long or hard about it, I came up with Rick and Ilsa from Casablanca because they sacrificed their love to do the right thing. It still is so bittersweet to me to think about that ending, I get teary eyed.

What about you? Do any couples from books, TV or movies stick in your mind? And if so what is it that makes them special to you?