White privilege

This is an article in Huffpost that I found from my Smartnews app. (I recommend this app; it’s a news aggregator, so you can get news from a lot of different sources.)

I love this excerpt:

White privilege doesn’t mean all white people live charmed lives. “It simply means that the color of your skin is not one of the reasons you may experience personal or professional hurdles,” said Abigail Makepeace, a marriage and family therapist who specializes in trauma.

By Kelsey Borresen
Huffpost 06/10/2020

Open SmartNews to read ‘6 Things White People Say That Highlight Their Privilege’ here: https://smartnews.link/a/gf4V or you can directly access the content using this link here: https://smartnews.link/w/HSke

There’s also an academic paper referred to in this article that I thought was interesting written by a professor at Wellesley if you want to go deeper.


There are things we ALL can do to help transform our institutions to be inclusive instead of racist.

For a list, I found Barack Obama’s resources from his My Brother’s Keeper initiative helpful. It’s in this article:

Anguish and Action