Writing the Last Act, a poem by Nia Simone

Writing the Last Act

The end of the novel
looms like a new house
that felt so bright and cheery
until someone turned the lights off.

Now it is dark.
Threats invisible
in the light
lurk in the dark.

Turn the lights on!

The house is gone.
Now there is a vast desert wasteland.

Between here and
The End
a small percentage
of what’s already done
looms insurmountable.

I shade my eyes
with my hand
squint at the horizon.

Swallow dust.
Type a word.

03/04/2013 © Nia Simone


Bleak house

Bleak mountain

In Mountains of Peru, there were some GIMP tips. Turns out the part about exporting it as JPEG is easier than described. There’s a box at the top that gets filled in with what you use most, so if you use JPEG mostly, it fills in the name of the file and defaults to replacing the original with the new, enhanced file. Then you can just click Enter instead of having to scroll down in the Select File Type By Extension menu each time.

Also, in What blooms in March, there’s a tip about using the Select by Color tool. That’s great, but it’s tricky to get GIMP to release that tool, even if you close the image and open a new one. To turn it off, use the Select menu: Select->None.

Also, some of the auto enhancements get too much of a primary color in them. Still figuring that out.

The spooky version of the bleak mountain was done with Colors-Invert. The dark version of the house was made black and white by using Colors->Colorify, checking the preview box, seeing it had defaulted to black and white, and clicking Ok.