Impressions of Australia 6

Melbourne, looking down at the top of the first floor lights in the mall connected to the Sofitel on Collins, rendered in oil via Corel Painting Essentials. I need to comment that the only reason I took this picture was because I had spent the day hanging around Leanne Cole. My only artistic objective in tagging around with her was to have her “eye” rub off on me. I didn’t seek any technical instruction, which was good, given that I forgot the battery charger for my DSLR and so was just using the compact.


Here’s Maggie Island (I think) shot from the boat on the way back from our Great Barrier Reef tour.


The beauty of Magnetic Island Australia, 1

I have led you to believe Magnetic Island only has dead trees. This is far from the truth. I’m just a blogger who particularly likes dead trees!

Magnetic Island is just off the shore from Townsville.


It takes about an hour to get there by ferry. We walked over to the big ferry that takes cars. It is the one locals use and is half the price of the tourist ferry.


Showing you the beauty of Magnetic Island will take several posts. Here’s a little beauty to start you on this day before Thanksgiving here in the U.S. and just a regular day in most parts of the world.



Reading, Wheels Within, by John Holland

This poem had a profound impact upon me as a beautiful and mystical articulation of my own philosophical bent. My husband and I traveled to Australia recently to meet the poet, John Holland. Afterward, I was inspired to record this reading of Wheels Within, at dawn, at my husband’s and my apartment in Townsville.

“Are we all interconnected by a cord/twisted from the strands of pure/white fabric no man can truly name?”


Dining in Australia, 1

My first meal in Australia. Bambinis serves meals and coffee for take-away or to enjoy on the sidewalk, which we did, while trying to blink ourselves awake. This is a poached egg. They must have poached it in a cheesecloth bag. Avocado, spinach, lemon, slivered sea salt and rye toast made it the perfect breakfast.

Bambinis breakfast

Bambinis sidewalk cafe

This is my new favorite kind of coffee. It’s called a Flat White.

Flat white Bambinis