I have led you to believe Magnetic Island only has dead trees. This is far from the truth. I’m just a blogger who particularly likes dead trees!

Magnetic Island is just off the shore from Townsville.


It takes about an hour to get there by ferry. We walked over to the big ferry that takes cars. It is the one locals use and is half the price of the tourist ferry.


Showing you the beauty of Magnetic Island will take several posts. Here’s a little beauty to start you on this day before Thanksgiving here in the U.S. and just a regular day in most parts of the world.



2 thoughts on “The beauty of Magnetic Island Australia, 1

  1. Magnetic Island is a great place. It was given this name by Captain Cook in 1770. But aboriginal Australians had known it and lived there for thousands of years before Cook came. I’m told their name for it is Yunbenun.


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