Seasonal traditions and #giveaway

I’m lucky enough to participate in this holiday tradition, Melissa Snark’s blog hop and giveaway.

Snarkology Halloween Blog Hop 2015

You can do simple things to help authors that also enter you in a giveaway. Follow the hop for more fun, great books, and these awesome prizes:

(1) $100 Amazon or B&N Gift Card or
(1) $50 Amazon or B&N Gift Card or
(1) $50 Amazon or B&N Gift Card or
(1) $50 Amazon or B&N Gift Card

Here is a direct link to the prizes:
Halloween Hop

You’ll have to scroll down for a while to find the Nicci Carrera giveaways. If you already like my Facebook page and subscribe to the newsletter, just enter your name anyway, and you will be entered into the raffle for the prizes. On your way, you can enter as many other authors’ giveaways as you like. Each sign-up equals another entry in the raffle. To find out about the authors, click on their name in the alphabetical list at the top. If you want to skip the list of authors and go straight to the giveaway list, click here:


In addition to the blog hop, on my blog, I’m giving away a copy of Love Caters All, a copy of Left of the Rising Sun, (which has a new cover)

Love Caters All cover
Love Caters All cover
Left of the Rising Sun cover
Left of the Rising Sun cover

or, since I know a lot of you are photography buffs, a copy of Dynamic Range, Leanne Cole and company’s really nice photography magazine. You can see information about this magazine on the sidebar of Leanne’s blog. The magazine is gorgeous and really informative. You can have either the one that is out or the next one that is coming out in November. dynamic-range_aug15-1To be entered in my giveaway, please leave a comment. If you cannot leave a comment, shoot me an email. My contact form is here. If you want my monthly newsletter let me know. All my newsletter subscribers will be entered twice in my giveaway.

Seasonal traditions–I hope to make this Halloween blog hop a new tradition. An old one I like to do every year is give out candy. I would say making homemade pumpkin cake in October is a new autumn tradition, invented since my husband the gardener knows how to grow enough awesome pumpkins to outpace the hungry squirrels in our yard.  I want to bake and cook with pumpkin every fall now. It’s really fun. I am going to have a pumpkin cooking theme in this month’s newsletter.

Do you have any seasonal routines or traditions that you enjoy?

#Giveaway Monday Love Caters All

Note: David caught that the button isn’t working on the widget. I’m in contact with Wix and will update this page as soon as I have it fixed. Meantime, here is a link that should work:

Photo by Jane M. Sawyer, user name cohdra, Morgue File
Photo by Jane M. Sawyer, Morgue File

I haven’t done a Giveaway Monday in a while! Well now I have one of my own to offer. Through July 28,  I am giving away 10 signed copies of Love Caters All at Goodreads.

The easiest way to enter the giveaway is by clicking on the widget on my Events page.

Happy Monday!!events–workshops/cg5v

#Giveaway and a new review for Love Caters All

Sorry for the long quiet spell! Things have been hectic in my household, and I have a deadline. Those are my excuses, but not to worry, starting next week, I’m going to post some amazing travel photos, live from the field. I can’t wait.

Today I want to let you know about the start of a book review blog tour. You can comment and be eligible to win a copy of Love Caters All.

Review_TourBanner_LoveCatersAll (2)

The first blog stop is today on Unabridged Anna. I love that blog name. She did a great review there.

#Giveaway Monday

Okay, it’s Tuesday, not Monday, but I have some giveaway opportunities for you. I discovered these giveaways and book reviews while preparing for my own blog tour, which is coming up in May/June. All you have to do is comment on the blog postings and you get entered in a raffle for cold hard cash (via Amazon). Plus the book reviews, blurbs, and author bios are fun. You might find something you’d like to read.

This book, Taken by Passion, by Jaymie Holland had a Reviewer’s Choice award from Romantic Times:

This novel Before We Say Goodbye, by Julie MacLennan about four strangers who meet at a pivotal point in their lives, looks quite interesting.

This Polish and Stalin history family memoir meets speculative fiction book, Grace Revealed, by journalist Greg Archer, looks amazing. Apparently the book has light moments too.  The author interview is interesting and fun.

Free, fun, or useful stuff Monday

Happy Monday! Today I have a few links to share of some things I found on the internet over the past week.

I found this great article with lots of links about WordPress on Molly Greene’s blog:

Here are some recipes for breakfast things you can have for dinner:

Have a great week.

#Giveaway Monday 2

More giveaways for you (because I forgot I had already scheduled one!) LOL! I didn’t want these links to go to waste. Good stuff here. Enjoy!

Dangerous Justice by Terri Reed is an exciting book. It’s being released a chapter a week from Harlequin. It caught my eye because it’s about a K-9 unit. I just read the first chapter which is action packed! It’s really short, too. Check it out.

The following list of books aren’t free, but the list is free, and it’s a really good list. What I like about the list of 22 contemporary authors is the very short blurb approach. In a few minutes you can scan the authors and see whose work you’d like to read next:

Thanks to for tweeting about that list. The Village House of Books is great at curating books. Speaking of which, here’s a link to a guest post from an interesting historical author whose very interesting book Rebel Queen is in book stores tomorrow:

I found this sweepstakes today. It looks pretty easy to enter. If you use Twitter and live in the USA, you can retweet this tweet and follow @AOL to be entered to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook (retail $149).


That’s it for today! Have a great Monday. I do hope to bring you some skiing pictures tomorrow, if I can tear myself away from my cozy condo and manuscript and brave the snow!


#Giveaway Monday

There’s a big giveaway happening on Wednesday, February 25th from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. EST. Here are the details:

Hook a Book: A Lobster Cove Facebook Party

The Wild Rose Press and the authors of Lobster Cove are hosting a Lobster Cove Facebook party on Wednesday, February 25 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., EST. Readers can find out all about the Lobster Cove books and “meet” the authors. At the end of the party we will give away a basket of Lobster Cove print books and a Kindle Fire!!  Individual authors will also be doing giveaways throughout the party. There will be lots of prizes!

I hope you’ll stop by “Hook a Book: A Lobster Cove Party.” Enjoy a party at the beach—a fire, friends and a good time. Come party with the authors of Lobster Cove on Facebook.

If you have a Facebook account, just click on that link or copy and paste this link: into your browser and then you can RSVP by clicking on the little button near the top that says Going. In the same area, there’s also a button called Invite. You can click on that and invite friends. You can also just click on that link at the time of the party. I will be hosting from 4:30 – 5 Pacific Standard Time. That is 7:30 – 8 Eastern Standard Time.

The day of the party and the day after, the publisher also plans to put all the Lobster Cove e-books on sale on their Website.

Lobster Cove is a fictional small town on the coast of Maine, near Bar Harbor. It is quaint and quirky with a colorful history, a friendly population of charming residents, and a vibrant tourist business. It is home to research scientists and small shop owners, grumpy cops and sassy chefs. Back in the day, it was a bustling fishing town and home to many immigrants, from both the state cabins and the lowest decks.


#Giveaway Monday and book review

Yesterday I made this:

Here’s my photo…the one on the recipe is prettier since I didn’t think to take a picture before we ate most of it, but in case you don’t want to hop over there to look, here it is:


The recipe did require that I go to the store and buy most of the ingredients, but that’s okay, because that was my NEAT activity for the day. What is a NEAT activity? Funny you should ask, since that, along with the link to this recipe, is the giveaway for today.

NEAT is Non-exercise activity thermogenesis, a term used in the book Move a Little, Lose a Lot.

It was raining yesterday, so going shopping was a great thing to do to make sure I accomplished my daily two and a quarter hours of moving around.

It took about an hour to make this, maybe 45 minutes, not sure, but it was worth it. It’s incredibly delicious. We had it as a side with a vegetarian tamale from Costco.

Move a Little, Lose a Lot is the most fun I’ve ever had with a weight management program. I love the rewards feature. At the start of the book, you choose 4 rewards of increasing value. That really motivated me, so now I also know that planning out rewards really works for me. But the best thing about the book is that I quit the gym! Well, that’s not quite true. I did quit the gym, which is great, and saves $88 a month, but the best thing is that I now know that cleaning the house, yard work, washing the car, walking to the store, de-cluttering the house (an overarching goal for the year) and going for a walk all count toward my movement goals for the day, which must add up to two and a quarter hours (by the end of the book). It’s liberating, and I lost a little weight and a lot of stress because now I’m not stressing about the fact that I’m not going to the gym, or going to the gym and hating the time it took from my life. I’m also not stressing about all the chores hanging over my head that I never get to. Now, I rely on those chores and de-cluttering goals to get my NEAT activity. By following everything (almost) that the author said to do, I have really changed my whole set of behaviors and mindset around activity and work. The author (a Mayo Clinic researcher and doctor) knows what he’s doing regarding changing human behavior and overcoming the traps of our modern society. I’m in the final two weeks, which are about your community. This is where he starts to talk about how having a NEAT lifestyle is good for the planet and the community.

As for the weight loss, I don’t have a lot to do, and I already ate pretty well (except for over the holidays), so it’s just a bit slow. But I’m not gaining any more, and I know I will gradually reverse the last couple years of weight gain caused by too much work and stress-related eating. (I can hear you: “You’re a writer, how can that be stressful? You should see my job.” Yes, I had one of those jobs too, so I do sympathize, but writing has it’s own stress, trust me. And if you are a writer, you know of what I speak.)

So, here is the giveaway. If you feel comfortable giving me your mailing address, leave a comment and I’ll enter your name in a randomizer. Once I’m done with the book in 2 weeks, if you live in the USA, I will email you, get your address, and mail you the book. If you live really far away, and you win, I’ll give you a digital copy of my book, or one of John Holland’s books that I edited, your choice. If you live in the US and really want one of my or John’s books instead of Move a Little, Lose a Lot, that can be negotiated! Okay, I’m making this up here, obviously! But I’m trying to keep the cost below $5. Final caveat, if you subscribe to my blog but can’t leave a comment, you can contact me by filling in the form on my Contact Me page on my website. (While you are there, feel free to sign up for my monthly newsletter, which has an original recipe along with news and writing tips.)

Here’s another giveaway that floated across my virtual desk this week. The author is selling all her books for $.99 and running a contest for $120 gift certificate.

I think you need a pretty picture today, too.


#Giveaway Monday

Happy Giveaway Monday! To soften the blow of having to start a new week,  I am giving away a high resolution picture from the Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands, just outside Amsterdam and telling you about a great free book.

I use this picture as  background on my phone. It looks really good as wallpaper.


Next up: This very popular book is free for a short time! I grabbed a copy for myself. It’s a romantic comedy, my favorite!


She’s Gotta Be Mine
Cottonmouth Book 1
Copyright 2011 Jennifer Skully

For the first time in e-book!

If you missed it previously, KOD Daphne Award winner “Sex and the Serial Killer” is back with a new title, “She’s Gotta Be Mine”, and a slight text revamp.  It’s still laugh-out-loud funny, peopled with hilarious characters in the small town of Cottonmouth, California.  Not to mention an alleged serial killer who’s too devilishly handsome to ignore.

4 1/2 Stars, Top Pick! “Skully’s novel is a triumph. It’s fabulously funny, with top-notch dialogue, terrific pacing and witty compelling characters.”
Romantic Times

“A witty novel that will keep you engrossed until the very end!”
Huntress Reviews

“An absolute delight.”
Road to Romance Reviews

Dumped? For her husband’s high school sweetheart he hasn’t seen in twenty years? Roberta Jones Spivey isn’t going to lay down for that, no way. Instead, she decides to reinvent herself. The new Bobbie Jones—new haircut, new name, new attitude—will follow her soon-to-be ex to the small Northern California town of Cottonmouth. And there she’ll show him—and his sweetheart—what a big mistake he made.

What better way to show him what he’s missing in the brand new Bobbie Jones than taking up with the town’s local bad boy—who’s also reputed to be a serial killer. Nick Angel is devilishly handsome and sexy as all get-out. In a word, perfect.

It’s all going exactly according to plan…until a real murder rocks the little town of Cottonmouth. Of course, Nick didn’t do it…did he?

~Previously published in 2005 as Sex and the Serial Killer~

Don’t miss the sequel, Fool’s Gold!


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Kindle CA
iBooks AU
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All Romance 
Coffee Time Romance

Here are three free recipes for cookies, some that are even healthful for breakfast!