Here are the rest of the sculptures from the Bondi Beach sculpture exhibit in October, 2013. This way you can get a feel for the exhibit’s size and for the environment. Then I’ll do another post with my favorites. Please feel free to vote! (To see the first post, go here Bondi Beach Australia sculpture walk, 1.) I didn’t capture many of the names of the pieces or artist’s names, because this was for fun and enjoyment, not work! But where I did, I included that information.

Since this one is in both the first and second post, you can already guess it’s one of my favorites!

World 3
Plastic world
Plastic World
Miniatures 1
Miniatures close
Inside the miniatures
Metal 2
camel country ii, by Koichi Ogino
Little tents
Little tents, not sure of actual title
Plastic bags 2
Plastic bags
Plastic bags 1
Plastic bags
de Composition Family 1
(de) composition: family, by Arun Sharma
de Composition Family 2
(de) composition family (2)
Your place, by Byeong-Doo Moon
The crowds
The crowds
Natures sculpture
Nature’s sculpture
Plastic spoons on a tree
Saved (rusty pipe), by Rox De Luca (Note: the pipe was already there, the artist put the plastic-ware on the existing item.)
Good night Uncle John
Good night Uncle John, by Eko Bambang Wisnu and Ida Lawrence
Sunscreen station
Sunscreen station (not part of the exhibit)
Big smoke, By Caz Haswell
Husk, by Marcus Tatton

Beach close up 6 Beach close up 5 Beach close up 4 Beach close up 3 Beach close up 2 Beach close up Beach World 2 Red crows Red A graceful net Metal 3 Rooster Bike Magnificent mobile another angle Magnificent Mobile close Mirror close Red head Magnificent mobile Mirror Mobile Infinity Several in One Graceful metal Metal frame Metal Mobile 1 Your place Husk wood Pretty structure Stairway 3 Stairway 2 Stairway Paper construction Tree things

Rock 2

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