21 Food! (and setting) reasons to love Australia

Twas two days before Thanksgiving and the blogger was thinking about FOOD. Shopping and planning for the feast while reminiscing about food in Australia.

We ate lunch at one of the many restaurants by the river in Sydney:

P1060975 P1060987 P1060977

Near Bondi Beach we enjoyed lunch at a sidewalk cafe:


P1060371After lunch, you could get a tattoo next door. My friend considered it. I did not. (I didn’t even get pierced ears until I was 30. (About a year ago. 😉 ))


Looks like I had seafood again.


In Melbourne, Leanne Cole and I split a basket of blueberry scones here:


And of course, I had a flat white.


Leanne then took us through more arcades and streets. At the end we saw DeGraves Street, which is closed to cars, lined by restaurants and filled with tables and heating lamps. We went back that night and had dinner at a tapas bar. We sat at a bench table inside as it was raining a bit, and just people watched. Since we accidentally ordered way too much food (tapas are supposed to be small plates!) we spent a few hours drinking champagne and lingering over the amazing food.

P1060764 P1060762 P1060761 P1060759

The next day was epic! Leanne took us along The Great Ocean Road. We stopped for lunch in Lorne:


where we all ordered the most amazing barramundi:


I can’t leave out dessert! So here is a picture of a gelateria where we stopped to fortify ourselves with a couple scoops in Watson’s Bay, near Sydney.

P1060382 P1060383

Watson’s Bay is stunning. On one side of this peninsula is the Pacific ocean:



and on the other side is Sydney harbor:


Watsons Bay


Come back in a couple days for pictures of our Thanksgiving feast. In the meantime, enjoy life and bon appetit!

Bondi Beach Australia, sculpture walk, 2

Here are the rest of the sculptures from the Bondi Beach sculpture exhibit in October, 2013. This way you can get a feel for the exhibit’s size and for the environment. Then I’ll do another post with my favorites. Please feel free to vote! (To see the first post, go here Bondi Beach Australia sculpture walk, 1.) I didn’t capture many of the names of the pieces or artist’s names, because this was for fun and enjoyment, not work! But where I did, I included that information.

Since this one is in both the first and second post, you can already guess it’s one of my favorites!

World 3
Plastic world
Plastic World
Miniatures 1
Miniatures close
Inside the miniatures
Metal 2
camel country ii, by Koichi Ogino
Little tents
Little tents, not sure of actual title
Plastic bags 2
Plastic bags
Plastic bags 1
Plastic bags
de Composition Family 1
(de) composition: family, by Arun Sharma
de Composition Family 2
(de) composition family (2)
Your place, by Byeong-Doo Moon
The crowds
The crowds
Natures sculpture
Nature’s sculpture
Plastic spoons on a tree
Saved (rusty pipe), by Rox De Luca (Note: the pipe was already there, the artist put the plastic-ware on the existing item.)
Good night Uncle John
Good night Uncle John, by Eko Bambang Wisnu and Ida Lawrence
Sunscreen station
Sunscreen station (not part of the exhibit)
Big smoke, By Caz Haswell
Husk, by Marcus Tatton

Beach close up 6 Beach close up 5 Beach close up 4 Beach close up 3 Beach close up 2 Beach close up Beach World 2 Red crows Red A graceful net Metal 3 Rooster Bike Magnificent mobile another angle Magnificent Mobile close Mirror close Red head Magnificent mobile Mirror Mobile Infinity Several in One Graceful metal Metal frame Metal Mobile 1 Your place Husk wood Pretty structure Stairway 3 Stairway 2 Stairway Paper construction Tree things

Rock 2

Bondi Beach Australia, sculpture walk, 1

We were in Sydney on the first day of this amazing outdoor exhibit. Combine a stunning location with these brilliant, mind boggling sculptures and you have a lot of photo ops and a very enjoyable, thought provoking experience.

I love this weight of the world one. The artist built it just for this cliff.

From this perspective it looks like a bunch of boards.

Weight of the world 2

And here it is a life sculpture. I like the sense of movement.Weight of the world


This is granite! How did the artist do it? I have no idea.  Twisty

This one is called World.

World Beautiful sculpture

This one is called Multiverse:Multiverse 2