Finishing the novel

feels wonderful.
But –
dust coats the stereo
receipts fill a bag
taxes lie in wait
the kitchen floor

Where is my desk?

Forget all this!
Start another

March 9, 2013 © Nia Simone

14 thoughts on “Finishing the novel, a poem by Nia Simone

    1. LOL! Tell me about it. That is back-breaking work compared to writing. I’ll never complain about writing again. Well… that’s probably not true but then I just have to clean house to remember again how lucky I am not to have to clean for a living.

      Thanks for coming by!



    1. Yes, exactly. I did the kitchen floor and the taxes. A bit of dusting and vacuuming tomorrow, then off to start my next novel while this one makes the rounds with my critique partners. I can’t wait. I love starting novels. The middle is tricky, the end, as you know, brings up neurotic compulsions, the understanding of which doesn’t help at all. The end is a bit of torture, but, it does actually end.

      I love the editing part! I can’t wait to do the changes after it comes back from my critique partners.

      What about you? Do you prefer capturing photos or editing them, does it vary, or is it balanced between the two, both with some good moments, both with some tough ones?


      1. Mmm, that’s a good question. I hate leaving the house, but when I get back I am always glad that I went. I do love editing though. I like both I suppose.


      2. Yes, in a way, though I can see myself as a little old lady who never leaves the house, could be a worried. If you start seeing me doing lots and lots of still lifes, then you better call in for reinforcements. LOL 🙂


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