Happy Monday! Woo hoo!

Redwood at first light

What is up with this woman? you ask. I crawled out of bed early, not super early, but since I went to bed late, I was still tired. I just read yet another article about how important getting enough sleep is, but the photos outside my door beckoned more than bed.

I opted not to go back to downtown Campbell. Instead I went to the parks near me. I found the feeling a park gives is really different from a downtown area. There’s a calmness as the trees stand and wait for light. People are quiet as they walk around getting exercise, as though not wanting to disturb the peace.

Since everyone loved my redwoods the other day, I started there. Standing under these trees in the morning feels amazing. Trees, especially redwoods, have an energy you can feel, if you just pay attention, which photography forces you to do. I noticed a feeling of calm anticipation.

Redwood growth

This little guy seemed to be growing in the wrong place, but the big tree allowed its wayward child to do as it wished. The fresh green needles seem to shimmer with excitement.Redwood growth

Ah… then I drove to the other park and found trees reveling in the light and a playground waiting for children.









This fire hydrant spends most of it’s time waiting for work.


My morning photography shoot infused me with excitement instead of dread. I am waiting to work…my edits will be coming soon, and I’ll have to work hard and face the slings and arrows of criticism.

There’s still a little time to play. Today that means finishing up the last edits on the middle grade fantasy I set aside six months ago. It feels like play because the book is now where I want it, so I’m just reading it quickly and enjoying the story.

Do you have a hobby that is purely for fun? Does it energize you?

Look at the dew glistening on these roses. They have been blooming the whole six months since I set aside Mark Taggart and the Circle of Stones to work on Third Strike’s the Charm.




Perhaps the roses have been holding the dream for my co-author and me, so when I return to look closely, I find a precious gem ready to be pruned and shared.

14 thoughts on “Waiting to work, waiting to play, and bursting with life

      1. Thanks much, Nia! We are very busy this week as Ze is traveling to NZ on Thursday and I am leaving for Sao Paulo on Friday. I will be back on the 25th. Enjoy your day, my friend! πŸ™‚

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  1. Pictures about Trees are awesome. I also like watching trees and even hugging then, it’s a unique source of energy, the feeling is like superblood runs through your veins and pulsating there! I guess I can endlessly talk that photography and video are my best buddies of fun…however, I do enjoy reading and it can make me feel very relaxed and excited as the same time! Your story and photos are really very great and positive! Good luck!


    1. Thank you, Phil! And you are the first person to comment on the playground pictures. So thanks for that too! for one thing, you had me go and take a look at that and I can see that of the different sculptures, that one stands out. (I am trying to train my eye without going to school, so feedback is hugely helpful.)


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