Check it off! I received the executed contract, which triggered the blurb and cover information tasks. I did those yesterday, and now the edits begin. I still have time to work on other things because the editor has to do her editing, then I’ll have to do everything she tells me to do, LOL.

Dependency chain

A dependency chain shows tasks that depend on something else before they can start. Sometimes the dependencies march along in single file, like in the case of writing a book, which is wonderful. Sometimes they are a lot more complex, like when I was a project manager for documentation for a large software integration project. With writing, the promo phase is going to be more complex than the book-creation part, but not as complex as my former day job.

Up at the top of the chart, where the projects lie, are things that will be checked off. I don’t check off the operations or I’d be making new sheets of paper every day. If you have not yet run screaming from this series, you may remember for operations I had daily, monthly and as-needed columns containing check boxes next to the tasks. I don’t actually check those off for operations, just the projects. That way the paper only will need to be changed once in a while. Projects last a while, so I’ll probably only have to change the paper every two or three months.

It is hump day. How is your week going?

Here is a photo of someone who knows how to enjoy life.

Person watching the sunset in Monterey California
Enjoy life

And one of my favorites from my photography day in San Francisco.

Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco
Palace of Fine Arts

I was in downtown Campbell for lunch today and took another picture of the water tower. I liked the sky today. In our part of the world, the weather is having a hard time realizing it is supposed to be fall. It’s so warm, it might as well be summer. Having a few clouds is unusual for summer, though, so I took it as a sign that the seasons might change soon.

Campbell California water tower

Are you planning to do anything fun this weekend?

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