More giveaways for you (because I forgot I had already scheduled one!) LOL! I didn’t want these links to go to waste. Good stuff here. Enjoy!

Dangerous Justice by Terri Reed is an exciting book. It’s being released a chapter a week from Harlequin. It caught my eye because it’s about a K-9 unit. I just read the first chapter which is action packed! It’s really short, too. Check it out.

The following list of books aren’t free, but the list is free, and it’s a really good list. What I like about the list of 22 contemporary authors is the very short blurb approach. In a few minutes you can scan the authors and see whose work you’d like to read next:

Thanks to for tweeting about that list. The Village House of Books is great at curating books. Speaking of which, here’s a link to a guest post from an interesting historical author whose very interesting book Rebel Queen is in book stores tomorrow:

I found this sweepstakes today. It looks pretty easy to enter. If you use Twitter and live in the USA, you can retweet this tweet and follow @AOL to be entered to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook (retail $149).


That’s it for today! Have a great Monday. I do hope to bring you some skiing pictures tomorrow, if I can tear myself away from my cozy condo and manuscript and brave the snow!


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