This mountain, which we called Granite Chip (though I’m not sure if that is correct and couldn’t confirm), has always been one of my favorites. The contrasts of color in the rocks, snow, sky, and trees are so pretty.


I shot these out the tram window, as you can see, but what a great vantage point for photographing this slot at the top. I used to hike up here in the summer with my dog and look out through that slot down to the valley floor. A tad scary for someone afraid of heights (a little) but I would just stand back a bit. The slot was a natural frame for the beautiful valley floor.


If I love the colors so much, why did I make one monochrome? It’s kind of dramatic this way.


The weather turned really nice today and is going to keep getting warmer. I hope to get some more photos for you. I’m so tempted to take my DSLR out. I saw some trees below one of the lifts with roots hugging the crown of a bluff. I’d have to take my skis off and scramble up over rocks and through snow in my ski boots, so it might not happen. But it would be an interesting twist on skiing to turn the day into a  photo shoot!

6 thoughts on “Riding the tram at Squaw Valley

  1. Vibrant photos indeed! So majestic rock formations, the white white snow, and a blue blue sky ( and of course the skills of the skier/photographer) make this series a super super series! The B&W photo reminds me of the Ansel Adams’ works. Great job, Nia! And I have not made any comments on your writing this time… 🙂

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