Melbourne, looking down at the top of the first floor lights in the mall connected to the Sofitel on Collins, rendered in oil via Corel Painting Essentials. I need to comment that the only reason I took this picture was because I had spent the day hanging around Leanne Cole. My only artistic objective in tagging around with her was to have her “eye” rub off on me. I didn’t seek any technical instruction, which was good, given that I forgot the battery charger for my DSLR and so was just using the compact.


Here’s Maggie Island (I think) shot from the boat on the way back from our Great Barrier Reef tour.


2 thoughts on “Impressions of Australia 6

    1. Hi, Leanne! Glad that one caught your interest. I took that after spending the first day with you in Melbourne. We were coming back after dinner and entered our hotel (Sofitel on Collins) by going through the connected mall. That is looking down from the street level to the underground level, the food court. I took this picture because hanging around you influenced me to see interesting things to photograph that aren’t necessarily obvious, so it’s super cool that you like it!!


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