On our first day of skiing, we only did two runs, but it was fun. And a good exercise in getting our equipment organized. It took several hours to find everything! With skiing, it feels crazy, all the stuff you have to put on and carry. But then when you’re on the slope it’s effortless, like flying free as a bird.

I didn’t bring my camera so I borrowed my husband’s Android Phab.  (Half phone, half tablet.) Since I didn’t want to bug him too much I just borrowed it while we were in the Funitel, so these are taken through the scratched up plexiglass. Nonetheless, you’ll get an idea of the snow coverage on the majority of the mountain. There’s much more where they are making snow and the conditions for manmade snow have been perfect. We didn’t hit any rocks on Gold Coast, where we took our first runs of the year. That’s an intermediate (blue) lift at the top of the mountain.

And here’s an exciting news flash. I asked for a new jacket for Christmas so this year you’ll see me in something different. It dawned on me that while wearing the same jacket for 12 years is economical, it makes it difficult to tell the years apart in the photos.

The red is a reflection of hubby’s jacket. I’m hoping for a red one like his or maybe a blue one!


That is Lake Tahoe between the near and far mountains.20131209_150549 20131209_150533

8 thoughts on “Snow at Squaw Valley

    1. Hi Justin! Thank you for coming by! I hope you are enjoying winter too and staying warm. And stylish. 😉 Soon you’ll see me in a new ski jacket I think Santa brought. 🙂


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