San Diego Zoo hippopotamus & okapi

I found some more photos from the zoo.


I really wanted to get the underwater part of the hippo too; after all, that’s where most of his or her body was located. But alas, that was beyond what I could do. I love that eye though…

I’ve been a little busy, taming the yard and reaping the harvests. Right now I’m eating around a half dozen plums a day and corn on the cob every other day. Cherry tomatoes are in, along with cucumbers, so salads are on the menu. My husband is really the green thumb. Really really. But I’m good at getting rid of weeds. That’s a new specialty.

Rare Okapi at the San Diego Zoo

These okapi are really neat looking. I didn’t get a good photo, but this next one shows the stripes and the interesting shape of the body, if you haven’t seen one.


We leave soon for a trip. We don’t usually travel in the summer as we like to be around for the fruits and veggies, but we want to see a part of Australia that requires dry season travel, which is in the southern hemisphere’s summer. I’m trying to figure out what camera equipment to take. The travel camera is great for most everything, but I’d like to get an off-camera fill flash which would only work for the big camera, and I’ve been wanting a softbox. I haven’t practiced with these things yet, but there’s still a bit of time to learn…what to do…

I’ve been hoping to finish the first draft of the novel I’ve been working on before I go, but I think it will need to overlap with the trip a bit. The writing comes as fast as the writing comes.

I hope you are having a nice weekend. Stay safe on the fourth of July.


San Diego Zoo Safari Park

I promised great pictures but didn’t do a post yesterday. Well here’s why.



We went to the zoo, and it was too hot for most mammals.San-Diego-Safari-Zoo-14

We should have been sleeping too.


But we were on safari.San-Diego-Safari-Zoo-11

The heat didn’t bother the birds. The flamingos were struttin’ their stuff.



So was the East African crowned crane.



and the bustard.

San-Diego-Safari-Zoo-5 San-Diego-Safari-Zoo-4

This gigantic African bird seemed to be stretching out to rest.San-Diego-Safari-Zoo-6

The Abyssinian ground hornbill had no trouble.San-Diego-Safari-Zoo-7


The vulture was in his element.



These endangered beauties (Okapi) were keeping each other company and not moving much.



The graceful Southern Gerenuk was looking lovely in the sun.



And the giraffes were enjoying themselves.



The rhinoceroses knew how to cope.


Then the tiger started to wake up.



He gave us the idea to go home and have watermelon mojitos!