Monday veg dinner

Vegetarian sausage seems to be dominating our menu lately. It’s so versatile! Last night we made polenta with spaghetti squash and sausages sauteed with peppers and onions.

The sausages come in a package from Costco. We used the apple ones for this recipe.

The recipe was from the New York Times, but Hubs altered it a bit. For one thing, he used vegetarian sausages from Costco.

Here are the main flavors, the peppers, onions and seasonings, including fennel seeds (to die for).


The polenta was flavored with bay leaf and fresh rosemary, plus sea salt. I see a few fennel seeds in there too, now that I look at it.


During the day, my hubs used the giant persimmons someone gave us and made a persimmon pudding cake. There shouldn’t be a slice taken out of it before a photo shoot, but we couldn’t stop ourselves. It is incredible.


Now that I look at it, I see that there is more than one slice taken out of the cake! Oh well, I’ll start my diet (again) today.

We have BJ’s Brew Pub red ale on tap at the moment.

Thanks for dropping by!


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1. Soak a cup of beans overnight. I used a quarter cup each of black, Mayacoba, pinto, and hominy. Then rinse them.

Step 1, after soaking, rinse the beans
Step 1, after soaking, rinse the beans

2. Get the beans started. Put them in the crock pot and cover with 2 inches of water. Turn it on high.

Veg Slow Cook Italian Style11
Step 2, get the beans started

3. Gather veggies. These are from our garden. Choose whatever you want, but the tomatoes are a must. I didn’t use the little hot ones as this is Italian, not Mexican this time. But I did use the one jalapeno for flavor. It isn’t very hot.

Tomatoes and peppers
Tomatoes and peppers
Veg Slow Cook Italian Style14
Yellow squash that we let too big and rock hard, but no problem, the slow cooker will soften it
Veg Slow Cook Italian Style16
Veg Slow Cook Italian Style17
The stinking rose, but of course
Garlic…but of course! Sorry for the little camera strap…

4. Chop all the veggies, but do the onions and garlic first, plus peppers, old gourds, and eggplant if you use them.
5. Saute the “aromatics” (onions and garlic) and the eggplant and peppers while you chop up the tomatoes and basil. Once done, add them to the crock pot so you can saute the hard squash. If you aren’t using a hard squash, skip step 6.

Olive oil
Olive oil
Veg Slow Cook Italian Style19
Sauteing the aromatics, peppers and eggplant (because those all taste better if sauteed in olive oil first)

6. If you are using an impossibly hard old squash, saute that too.

Veg Slow Cook Italian Style20

7. De-glaze the pot with some wine or sherry to get the yummy brown stuff off the bottom.

Veg Slow Cook Italian Style21

8. Throw everything in the crock pot.

Veg Slow Cook Italian Style229. Add a teaspoon of salt, a couple teaspoons of Italian seasoning, and stir.