Is your fear of the light
because of this –
it is fire
and your heart
a thin wing of chitin?

Do you huddle in the alley
thinking you disguise
your beautiful,
human face
with grime?

I behold you there,
in the shadows.

The light in your eyes
you think no one can see
through crusty, leftover sleep.

You are mistaken there,
Human Being,
You can’t avoid the light,
It is within

March 2013 © Nia Simone

4 thoughts on “Moth Man, a poem by Nia Simone

    1. Thank you, Elle! I have not read “Man-Moth” nor indeed, Elizabeth Bishop. That poem is exquisite. I found her bio extremely interesting and I’m going to read her collected works. Thank you for referring me to that poem. The reference on my behalf, was purely accidental, a happy accident!


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