Highly recommended! We want to go back and stay for a month. To book this place for yourself, go here:


View from the houseboat 2
View from the dining room and kitchen. We fed the visiting swans from this window.

The Houseboat Houseboat bedroom Houseboat outside Houseboat kitchen and dining room Houseboat living room

Houseboat from bridge
View of the houseboat from the bridge. The blue one.

9 thoughts on “Where to stay in Amsterdam I, The Houseboat on Nieuwe Keizergracht

    1. Thank you! Yes, that’s exactly how it felt, like a local. I am going to do a post or two showing the daily life of locals that we were able to observe from our windows and be part of.


    1. I’m glad you like it, John! Thanks for stopping by. I’m going to post some “day in the life of the houseboat” pictures, too, so it will be like you were there.


    1. It is wonderful, Leanne. You would love it. And the owner spends most of her time in Africa as a consultant for nongovernmental organizations. A wonderful person, I think, and she decorated the houseboat with lovely art pieces from Africa.

      The boat doesn’t rock though. It’s quiet sturdy and the canal is almost motionless. But this is a bonus for a seasick-prone person like me.


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