Dinner last night was vegetarian Thai curry. Half the vegetables came from our garden, which still clings to life despite cold nights.



We make this all the time at home so I submitted it for the recipe gift book my publisher does during the holidays. You can get the recipe on page 55 of the FREE Holiday Garden Gourmet cookbook at The Wild Rose Press. You’ll also find lots of other recipes from Wild Rose Press authors, all organized by type of recipe in a free, downloadable PDF.

While you’re there, if you would like my novella, The Last Straw, in another format besides Kindle (mobi), you can now get a PDF or epub version. Here is the link: The Last Straw.

Note:  Last night we added tofu to the mix, which isn’t in the recipe, for extra protein. You can see the little white cubes in the second photo. Just toss them in at the end and let the meal simmer for about 10 minutes to heat the tofu.


10 thoughts on “The Last Straw world-wide release and a free cookbook

    1. Hello dear Ren! It is just an electronic format short story. But I’m working on a huge, juicy sci fi romance novel that will definitely be a “real” (print) book, so hold that thought!

      Thank you for your support!


  1. This looks delicious! Your garden must be amazing. I fear I do not have the green thumb gene. Thanks for the recipe and congratulations on your WW Release! Celebrate!


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