We sneaked in a little road trip between storms. Sonoma is lovely. There are so many wineries!



I was surprised by how busy it was. I thought it would be quiet because it’s winter! But wine tasting is very popular.

Sonoma-wine-tasting-10 Sonoma-wine-tasting-11 Sonoma-wine-tasting-12

We enjoyed the less crowded tasting rooms the most.

Sonoma-wine-tasting-5 Sonoma-wine-tasting-6

Sonoma-wine-tasting-7 Sonoma-wine-tasting-8 Sonoma-wine-tasting-2

For the first time, I spit the wine out. I was always afraid to, but today I just did it. I was glad because I was able to taste a lot of wines. Usually I’m done after 3 or 4. It is an acceptable and even expected thing to do, thankfully! Then I could enjoy my glass of wine with dinner after we returned safely to the cottage.

We bought a lot of wine and had a lot of fun!


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