I don’t have a whole lot to say but wanted to wish you all a great week ahead. Father’s Day is coming up this weekend on the US, and I’m looking forward to that. I get to see my mother in law this week, which is always fun, and I’m working on a brand new book.

I used my new factor analysis method to choose a book to work on out of the many projects on my list, and that helped me sort out which one makes the most sense for me to work on, not just sense but feeling as of course excitement about the project is one of the factors.

I did not get a request for full for the proposal I sent to Harlequin, though they did say they hope I consider them in the future. I certainly will!! I think they liked one of the secondary characters. I know the child was where my writing shone in that piece, and I think that potential was why they hoped I would try them again. For a time I disagreed, and worked more on that book, completing 25,000 words. But when I looked afresh at what I want to do, I was no longer getting a strong go-ahead feeling on that project, so I took out my inventory of ideas and projects left in various stages (21 projects), put the ones I am interested in writing now (based on gut feel) into a spreadsheet, and ran my factor analysis.

One of the factors is the chance to start completely fresh using a new process I’m eager to try. Another factor is the book being something I might be able to pitch to Harlequin (although I’m not constructing it specifically for that, I’m just trying to write a great book), another factor is the project’s ability to shift me toward romantic suspense, another factor is it is a cowboy romance (very popular), and finally my excitement level. Well not finally, I think there were actually 15 factors.

I started working on it and interestingly almost immediately, the hero started talking to me. That was not happening with the Desire proposal one. The child was strong for me but not the main characters, not that I realized it at the time, but the Harlequin editors did. This guy in the new book is talking to me a bit like Jason did, the hero from Third Strike’s the Charm. Now he was difficult to me until the third draft, but I hope I can take what I learned there and start with a respectful relationship with this man, that way he won’t punish me by clamming up until I listen properly. I think this guy, though tormented, also has a very dry even dark sense of humor…

Anyway, I guess I did have a few things to share after all! I also mined my archives for some photos for you, because photos make the web go round.

Mountain Sunlight
Mountain Sunlight Sierras California
Lonsdale Pier Australia 
Interesting Sky in November

3 thoughts on “Checking in for Monday

  1. You always bring a lot of ideas to the table! It is also good to feel your energy. Have a great week, one that brings a lot of progress for all your current projects. Take care, my friend! 🙂

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  2. This is all sounding really positive, which is fabulous Nicci, and I look forward to more reading, I have finished your latest and really enjoyed it. I like seeing the photo of Point Lonsdale, brings back lovely memories.

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    1. Thanks, Leanne, glad you enjoyed Third Strike’s the Charm. Point Lonsdale was so fun and I can’t wait to come back. Now I need to start creating some time to write when I’ll actually be productive! I’m so tired after doing chores all morning….


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