Finding micro beauty

The yard is a lot of work. I feel good that I’m contributing a lot more to maintaining it. Right now we are still in the taming phase. Once we get large swaths of land that used to be lawn completely covered by mulch, battling the chaos of weeds will shrink and we can focus more on enjoying the fruits of plantings, staying on top of the remaining trees, shrubs, and hedges, and those areas along the edges that have an alarming number of volunteers…including several palm trees and a holly oak. These turn into giants, so we have to cut those down and probably (sigh) continue to cut them down forever, since they escaped notice long enough to grow deep roots.

It’s a process that feels good to undertake, however. Having a plan and applying the elbow grease to get it done means we don’t have to sell this house and buy one with a concrete yard, which has been looking mighty tempting, LOL.

I feel fortunate that my own yard inspires me to take photos. It has been hard not having photos to share, and I haven’t been out on a shoot, but these artichokes had me whipping out the camera. I took one set of shots in sunlight, and one during the “blue hour.” Which do you prefer?

These were sunlight shots:

artichoke flowers-1artichoke flowers-2artichoke flowers-3

These are twilight.

artichoke flowers-4artichoke flowers-5

Even though we are living in somber times in many ways, there is still great beauty and joy. I hope you have a peaceful weekend and can enjoy yourself. I look forward to Father’s Day when my little gifties are unveiled and I get to play with babies and my all time favorite pre-schooler. Maybe I’ll take a photo or two as well. I’m always thinking of you…Thanks for looking at my images.