Bondi Beach Australia, sculpture walk 3: favorites

Thank you KidazzleInk, SuzJones,  and Gwennie’s Garden for helping me decide what to do for my favorites post.

I’m going to start with my inspiration from Suz Jones, who said she doesn’t understand abstract art but loves the sea and landscapes. I agree that these were the most breathtaking of all. So if you don’t happen to be in Sydney during the exhibit, no problem, just enjoy a long, ambling walk on the path from Bondi Beach to Tamarama Beach along the seaside walkway. Starting from Bondi Beach:

Bondi Beach 2 Bondi Beach 1

go past the rock pool:

Bondi Beach 3


The crowds

observe exquisite views:

Seascape 2 Sea scape

rock formations:

Rock formations Natures sculpture



and end at Tamarama Beach:

Washed Up by Tunny (Antony) KrausWashed Up by Tunny (Antony) Kraus

Tamarama Beach

And now for the sculpture. Like Gwennie, this was my favorite because the second I spotted it up on the rock:


I stopped and my jaw dropped. This earns it the wow factor. I also love its simplicity, the way it is just a simple reflection of our beautiful world. And finally for its elegance and its message.

World 3

World 2Here’s that same shot, enhanced:

World enhanced

The artist,  Lucy Humphrey, is a winner of the Helen Lempriere Scholarship for 2013. Here is more info about her and this piece on Facebook.

In second place also because of the wow factor, was this one:

Stairway Stairway 2 Stairway 3

In third place, we have a tie. I loved this one for the wow factor: I didn’t notice it at first. Like in any exhibit crawl, I was saturated from already seeing so many pieces. Any of these pieces, if I came across them by themselves, would make my day, but they were becoming ho hum and I was doing  a bit of staring glaze-eyed into space when my friend pointed this one out to me. It was right behind me.

Weight of the world 2

It also places high on my list for concept, beauty and movement. I love visual arts that can depict movement, such as the drawings and bronze sculptures of Degas.

Weight of the world
A Shared Weight, by Elyssa Sykes-Smith

This mobile was exquisite. I wish I had captured it on video for you. It moves so gracefully in the breeze. Each of the arms was of equal length. The piece definitely wins for wow factor, beauty (it’s so tall and graceful), engineering and movement.

Mobile Magnificent Mobile close Magnificent mobile another angle