Please forgive the quality, but I had to shoot this from the open window of a moving car. I wanted you to have a picture of Lake Tahoe, which I happened to drive-by yesterday due to the Ironman which was being run (literally) on the North Shore, causing a detour. Instead of being able to take 89 to 80 to Reno yesterday, we had to take 28 around the North Shore and then backtrack on 267 to pick up 80 at Truckee. (30 min. delay.)

Long story just to tell you why I saw Lake Tahoe yesterday! Permanent residents, as I once was, bop along the shores of the lake, going about their business, never bothering to look at the lake. Now that I don’t live here any more, I always make sure to open my eyes if I’m anywhere near it. And now that I’m a blogger, that also means opening my camera and snapping a photo whenever possible. (I was not driving the car.)

I am going to give you the original and the enhanced one. The sky was not actually as blue as the one in the enhanced version, but I thought it looked pretty so I included it.


Lake Tahoe

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