California poppies

We took an overnight trip to Tomales Bay and I did manage to get some nice shots. Here are California poppies (our state flower).


Things are getting hot here after a very cool couple of weeks. I’m kind of looking forward to it, but then again, ask me next week after we get through a triple digit weekend!

Have a good rest of the week.

California poppies

Sorry I’ve been so quiet lately. I’ve missed you all! I have been busy. I had to look through some old archives to find a picture and felt the need for some flowers. I took this shot in May.


California poppies are the California state flower. I stated before they are protected, but they aren’t any more than any other flower not on your land, which you aren’t supposed to pick.

I enjoyed how they are growing in among the rocks here, with the spear-shaped leaves of another plant in the background.