Signs of Abundance Thursday

From the National Weather Service Monday Facebook post.

Oh, by the way, we have a statistic for you…due to precipitation runoff since Friday Lake Tahoe’s water level has gone up about 4.8 inches. That means that approximately 16 billion gallons of water have been added to Lake Tahoe from the past 2 systems.


The next two pictures are from Harold Jones’ Facebook page.

Lake Shasta before the last storm:

Lake Shasta Before

and after:

Lake Shasta After

According to Harold:

The lake has came up 11.88 feet since Friday. With the high inflows the lake will continue to rise for the next several days.

The other good news. Shasta Lake is 35.50 feet higher than on this day last year.

And here’s a news flash that just happened: A Powerball ticket worth $1.4 million (5 of 6 of the numbers) was given away as part of a promotion in the Bay Area. (The giveaway was just a ticket…I would say the promo value of that ticket is now really huge!)


Three other people in other locations had all 6 numbers, and will split $564 million. What would you do with $188 million dollars?

I would set up a foundation. It would be incredibly fun to manage a huge foundation and give away money. I would hire people to do most of the work though, while I write. I formed a plan after I left my first nonprofit job in my late 20s and started to seek work that would provide a secure old age, that I would work at a corporate job until 50, write until 70 and work at a nonprofit organization again after that.

You don’t have to have $188 million dollars to do philanthropy though. According to Giving 2.0 by Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen:

Major gifts may dominate headlines, but the majority of giving still comes from individual households—ordinary people with extraordinary generosity. Even in 2009, at a time of deep recession, individual giving averaged almost $2,000 per household and drove 82% of the $300 billion donated that same year.

If you did win the Powerball, there’s another book that a reviewer said was really good with the specifics: Give Smart: Philanthropy that Gets Results. Reading the description of this book put me in a great mood. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the problem of how to make a real difference with huge piles of money? That would be so fun.

Of course we all know happiness really comes from



and from love and friendship:


It’s fun to think about extravagant things one might buy as well. I think it would be fun to have a house on the beach in Santa Monica, maybe like this:

Santa Monica House

That’s only $7,299,000

Have an abundant Thursday!