Big truck! Good:


Broken truck. Bad:

broken truck

Truck is here to stay? Very bad:

here to stay

Bigger truck! Good:

Bigger truck

Bye bye big trucks:

Bye bye

Glad we don’t have to pay for the tow.


9 thoughts on “Dump truck blues

      1. It was us! We covered the grass in landscaping fabric then rock. Ah. It looked like a total beach. I was tempted to sit there in a lawn chair. Bye bye mowing and bye bye watering. It’s stark. I love it. Eventually, hubby will plant fruit trees. I’d rather do a small palm and a cactus. But he picks and cans the fruit so if he wants to do that, fine. Me, I’d rather be inside writing. 😉 I only pop out to take pictures of the drama and, in my own defense, I did help to spread the rock mulch around.


      2. That sounds like my kind of lawn, I’ve been thinking about doing something similar in my back yard. I probably will, just need to find some time and money to do it.


      3. It cost kind of a lot for 7 yards of rock but it will pay back in water. We still have grass in the back yard but having it front and back was overwhelming.


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