How ’bout Christmas?

Wow! I have to get something posted on my blog so you all who celebrate Thanksgiving and are therefore sick of the food, and those of you who don’t celebrate it and were sick of it before you even started, have something new to view.

I have officially started shopping.

November was so wonderful because it’s National Novel Writing Month, or NaNo as writers internationally like to call it for short. November is an excuse to push as much as you can to the side and just concentrate on writing. This makes November my favorite month.

But now it’s December, so how ’bout Christmas? This was a decoration in a gorgeous store called David M. Brian, in Danville, California.

Christmas Decorations at David M Brian in Danville, California
Christmas Decorations at David M Brian in Danville, California


Christmas-decorations-niasimoneauthor 3

According to the radio, 75% of Christmas shoppers on Black Friday are shopping for themselves. I’m afraid I fall into that category, as I bought these place mats.

Placemats-from-David- M-Brian

But I did also buy two gifts.

Good luck with the holidays!

The hour of soft light

Today’s post, actually, today so far… is inspired by this blogger whose blog title resonates in my mind like music. Check out this amazing photographer and person: The hour of soft light.

I had opened the blinds in my office window and gone back to bed. But I could see the light of the sun rising and the silhouettes of trees reflected in the glass over a piece of art on my wall. Of course Liana’s blog title came to me and I was inspired to get out of bed and photograph the moment.