These two white dogs were so cute. I was going to name the post “Friends,” but they were lying as far away from each other as their leashes would allow. I think they didn’t want to share whatever they were chewing. I think they were nice rawhide bones–something that wouldn’t splinter in their teeth.


Their happy faces made me smile.

7 thoughts on “There’s nothing like a good stick

  1. The dogs are so beautiful! They seem to be busy with their “sticks”. Loved also the light on the photo. Thanks for the “smiling” post! No comments whatsoever in regard to your writing because it always goes above my high expectations! 🙂 Take care, my wonderful friend!

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    1. Thank you, Fabio! I have to go back and look at that lighting now! I’ve been really into light lately, but I didn’t think this picture had anything special in that regard. Have a great evening.

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      1. Thanks so much, Nia! We have a cold evening. I just came back from the course on Judaism. I am amazed with the rationality and audacity of the religion/way of life. You may question the existence of God, or even challenge him/her for good purposes. Have a good night and a wonderful Thursday! Take care!

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