Book review, Forbidden, Jacquelyn Frank

Forbidden was highly recommended by a reader in my romance reading group and it was a good tip.  This is a very good paranormal romance. Jacqueline Frank weaves a wonderful tale around not two but four souls in two bodies. The blended souls really work. She develops the characters of each soul well enough to make them distinct and then shows different combinations interacting in adventurous, romantic and occasionally humorous situations. A great cast of characters and solid world building draw you in while also setting a solid foundation for the Nightwalker series.

No vampires here, rather, a wonderful mix of Egyptian Pharaohs, mythology and a bit of history (delivered with a spoonful of sugar).

And you get two very distinct yet equally alpha males in one immortal, beautiful man… yeah. Like a chocolate sundae without the calories.

There’s a good secondary romance.

The ending is a real punch. Fantastic. And now I have to read the next one.