Child’s play

My previous photos mostly concealed the fact that there were a lot of people out there with me enjoying a gorgeous winter day. Santa Cruz tends to be warmer in the winter than where I live, down in the valley near the San Francisco bay.

So here is the human element of Natural Bridges, the best part–children.

Mind you, I wasn’t trying to get photos of children or people at all. When I saw this image though, I was glad I accidentally caught this little girl at the edge of my frame. Next time I’ll pay more attention to the human element in the composition as I think it adds a lot of interest to the scenery.


Another accidental shot, I love how the dad is kicking his foot in the air.childs-play-at-natural-bridges-2

That’s the beauty of digital photography and Lightroom–you can take a lot of photos and get some surprising captures that way.

I hope you are having a nice weekend!