A turkey and a farmhouse

Here are two more photos from Rancho San Antonio.


I am practicing what I’m learning in my Photoshop class. I think the turkey may be a bit “overdone.” But fortunately not in the way that he would really hate! Photoshop cooking doesn’t hurt the bird at all.

I’m happy with my little farmhouse.


When can I move in?

California poppies (and art self-education)

The feature photo has no photo enhancement.

This is the same photo with Corel Painter Essentials Auto Painting->Detailed Watercolor applied. Beautiful but why…


so faded? How to enrich it in Corel Painter Essentials, don’t know, so… (good ‘ol) GIMP, Colors->Auto->White Balance followed by Colors->Auto->Color Enhance. Satisfaction.

Poppy_Painting enhanced

This next one has Photoshop Essentials Enhance->Auto Smart Fix applied because the poppy was too out of focus and this tool improved it enough to make the photo work. Intention was poppy in focus, grass blurry but opposite achieved. (Working with LCD display in bright sunlight without knowing the camera that well, and in a hurry.) Nonetheless, this composition makes the photographer happy.

field and skyI

Ready-made frames

To shrink the photo to fewer pixels in Photoshop Elements, use Image->Resize->Image Size, then check the box Resample Image then change the Pixel width to 1000 (or X). The height adjusts automatically because Constrain Proportions is checked by default. Changing the pixel size is not available until you check Resample Image.

In the feature photo and in the one below, all the Photoshop Elements auto processes from the Enhance menu were applied except Auto Red Eye Fix.