Tomales Bay California

We’re hunkered down in our heat wave, trying to stay cool. We have the Pacific Gas and Electric deal where we get a discount all year if we agree to pay four times as much on designated days during peak hours (when it’s HOT). They want to motivate people not to use a lot of power during heat waves.

Do you remember California’s rolling blackouts in the early noughts (2000, 2001)? Well, we don’t have those anymore because they ramped up renewable energy sources big time now. Since it’s not really a social issue anymore, we have been regretting being on the energy savings plan. We’d like to end that plan right about now.

We’ve already been to a matinee and out to lunch a few of the hot days this week. We never go to the movies, but they are a great way to escape the heat. We really wanted to see Wonder Woman, so we went to the matinee. We loved it. Well I did, and my husband liked it. I even cried a little.

Here are nice cool shots from the Tomales Point Tule Elk Preserve:


Today we lowered the temperature as much as possible before the shut-off time (2:00) and are sitting here with all the blinds closed hoping it doesn’t get too hot in here. And writing. Or at least, I am writing. I’m participating in a Book in a Week challenge with the Kiss of Death (romantic suspense) chapter of Romance Writers of America. I consider it a metaphor. I can’t really write a book in a week, LOL. But the challenge has me moving along and I’m chalking up more words than I had been for the past few weeks. I’m so excited about this book, and I want to get the first draft done so I can get it out to my critique partners to read while we are on our big trip. No, I haven’t told you about my next trip yet, but there will be photos!

Where are the tule elk in the preserve, you ask?  Hiding. This is with an 80x zoom.


But this little guy didn’t hide from me.


Have a great weekend, and stay cool! Or warm for you southern hemisphere folks.