Author interview, Barbara Edwards, Journey of the Magi

Welcome Barbara! You have been writing for a while. Can you tell us where are you in your career?

Barbara: I’m a multi-published author. That means I’m working to increase my readership and write the best books I possibly can. Journey of the Magi is a different type of book for me since it is a sweet romance instead of a paranormal romance or a historical romance.

Nia: Are you a “plotter” a “pantser” or a mix?

Barbara: Although I ‘know’ the beginning and the end of my story before I start I don’t do advance plotting. My characters keep me writing until their story is told.

Nia: Another “pantser”! I’ve had a lot of those on this blog. I’m going to have to hunt for some other plotters, like me!

But for now, can you tell us, what is the most challenging part of the writing craft for you?

Barbara: Everything. I’m always rewriting, editing and re-editing.

Nia: I know the feeling! Writing fiction is, I think, the most challenging thing I’ve ever done. But now for the good part. What is your favorite part of the writing craft for you?

Barbara: I enjoy having a reader like my stories. That’s my ego talking. I also like to share what I’ve learned with other writers. Writers are like sponges soaking up every detail that will make their writing better.

Nia: That’s a nice thing to say about us. Thank you. What aspect of writing took you the longest to master?

Barbara: Keeping to a daily writing schedule. It’s difficult to ignore all the distractions that real life throws in my path.

Nia: Do you mind if I borrow that answer?! What are your aspirations as an author?

Barbara: I want to have a best-seller in the New York Times. I also want to keep publishing novels until I run out of ideas.

Nia: Forever, in other words. That’s so great. How many people want to keep doing their job forever? But that’s a rhetorical question. Here’s a real one. From what neck of the woods do you hail?

Barbara: I am a New Englander. I grew up in a small town and went to college at the University of Hartford in Connecticut.  I did live in Florida for ten years and will travel anywhere the road takes me.

Nia: That’s the spirit we like around here! There are a lot of travelers in this neck of the blogosphere woods.


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