3 recommendations for dining vegetarian in Stockholm, plus Gamla Stan walking tour tips

Fortunately, we are “occasionarians” because it was a little hard to find veg choices in Scandinavia. We consumed a lot of fish. But in case you are a dedicated veg, here are 3 places we found where you can have more than one boring choice.

These are my recommendations:

#3 Hermans, in Sodermalm (South Stockholm)

Here is a photo of the view from the windows of this fabulous place.

View from Hermans
View from Hermans

Pluses: Friendly, filled with life, great views, awesome buffet, totally vegan. Minuses, a tad expensive.

#2 Ciao Ciao, in Ostermalm (west Stockholm)

Pluses: awesome flatbread pizza offering 7 vegetarian choices and reasonably priced. (Price is relative; Scandinavia will give Americans sticker shock.) Loved the service.

#1 The Hermitage, in Gamla Stan (old Stockholm)

This was a Rick Steve’s recommendation, and as usual for his recommendations, we loved it. We arrived as the owner was opening up, so the lovely baskets of herbs shown here were later placed outside, along with outdoor tables. I loved the atmosphere here. The vegers who showed up were all so quiet and respectful, lending a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere. We met a traveler from the U.S., from Washington state. The food was great. I had a veggie patty, lentil veggie stew, rice with a mushroom sauce (hidden in the metal heating drawers below the buffet…be sure to look!), some horseradish dip and cold ratatouille made in a Greek style. The mushroom sauce was so good it almost made me weep.

The Hermitage Restaurant in Gamla Stan
The Hermitage Restaurant in Gamla Stan


Oh…and when you step out of here all full of veggies, you can walk up the street to the left and make your way up past this nice vine covered building to the big church (Storkyrken), the obelisk and the palace.

Looking up the street next to The Hermitage restaurant
Looking down the same street. Alley?


Stockholm-Gamla-Stan-8 Stockholm-Gamla-Stan-7 Stockholm-Gamla-Stan-6