Shadows and light

The sunlight was gorgeous on this tree.


I was using my new Android phone. Not thrilled with the outcome as the shots took a lot of editing and still don’t look as good as the DSLR. That’s fine, though. I have noticed the phone camera is pretty good with indoor portraits. If my friend lets me, I’ll post the portrait tomorrow.


I do like the Snapseed possibilities, though.

Trees-in- shadow

Okay, I’m off to write! And Edit!

Have a great Tuesday.


The roses are back!

Another year has passed, and the roses are starting to come back. I took most of my macros last year during the spring, April, I think. Laurie Smith helped me learn a lot about photography last year, and my husband showed me how to use the camera a bit more. I’m glad to be back to using my DSLR and trying all these things. The Panasonic point and shoot is awesome but was stifling my love of photography for some reason. Now I often pack both cameras with me. I have a sense of which camera is better for which situation.


The main thing I’m always trying to do is blur the background because I think that looks really nice. I took several shots and the above one is my favorite.