Loving the new lens…

…and Sleeklens actions. Okay, this is my favorite, for which I didn’t use any actions. I just cropped this. I’m so happy I can now get all the painted houses in one shot! Hm…it definitely looks better on a wide screen, LOL.

Capitola & Santa Cruz-1

Here are some more shots for you.

Waiting to fish, Capitola pier
Waiting to Fish, Capitola pier
Life on the Capitola pier
Life on the Capitola pier 1
Capitola & Santa Cruz-5
Life on the Capitola pier 2
Corner of Capitola
Corner of Capitola
Mystical swamp
Mystical inlet, Santa Cruz
Catamaran Dreams
Catamaran dreams, Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz Sunset
Sunset in Santa Cruz, Crow’s Nest