…and Sleeklens actions. Okay, this is my favorite, for which I didn’t use any actions. I just cropped this. I’m so happy I can now get all the painted houses in one shot! Hm…it definitely looks better on a wide screen, LOL.

Capitola & Santa Cruz-1

Here are some more shots for you.

Waiting to fish, Capitola pier
Waiting to Fish, Capitola pier
Life on the Capitola pier
Life on the Capitola pier 1
Capitola & Santa Cruz-5
Life on the Capitola pier 2
Corner of Capitola
Corner of Capitola
Mystical swamp
Mystical inlet, Santa Cruz
Catamaran Dreams
Catamaran dreams, Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz Sunset
Sunset in Santa Cruz, Crow’s Nest


14 thoughts on “Loving the new lens…

  1. Nicci, I often wonder whether citizens of the USA (not America) believe the propaganda that their politicians feed them about being the best country on Earth? The USA seems to have good living standards for most but you, like Australia would still have a lot of poverty I imagine?
    Australia has just over 10% living below the poverty line, is poverty even recognized in the USA? You are my best USA friend, so I thought I would ask you?

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    1. It’s 14.8% and we don’t have much safety net. And what we have is under intense and coordinated threat right now. I hope that doesn’t happen, our a lot of people will really starve.. Housing costs are tough. I tried to find somewhere in the U.S. where a friend could rent for $350, a third of her social security, and couldn’t find that. Nowhere. It would even be difficult to find in Mexico, where a lot of US citizens retire on social security.

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