1. It’s hazardous.
  2. It’s cold.
  3. It’s expensive.
  4. It’s a hassle.
  5. It requires a lot of stuff that makes clutter in the off-season.

So why do it? 

  1. It’s fun.
  2. It’s good exercise.
  3. It feels amazing to slide and glide.
  4. It’s pretty.
  5. You get to know things about people by how they ski.

Dialogue of the day:

“Did you have fun today, honey?”

“Yes, until I fell in the parking lot.”

(See reason #1 not to ski.)

What do you find fun that others might find… not so much fun?

6 thoughts on “Five Reasons Not to Take Up Skiing

  1. Love your photos. I’d be the hot chocolate drinker inside by the roaring fire, with a book to read. Also LOVE the Easter Island banner for your blog.


  2. Gotta ask… did you fall at the beginning of the day, or the end? Funnier (in a sadistic sort of way :)) if it was the beginning. Hope you didn’t get hurt.
    What did I (we) do? Caught cold (not so much fun), canceled our party plans (ditto), roasted a couple dungeness crabs (more fun), and cracked a bottle of bubbly (always fun!) at home.
    Cheers and happy new year!


    1. Wasn’t my butt… new post coming soon that makes this clear.

      OMG, were the crabs alive???? I LOVE crab, but of course, I want all animal things to come in cellophane wrapping… someone else did the dirty work.

      Happy new year!



      1. Oh, I guess I shouldn’t have assumed it was your butt. My bad.

        Crabs… Like you, I’m not particularly fond of food that looks back at me or tries to escape before I can stick it with my fork. These were previously steamed and cleaned (I try to avoid previously frozen). “Roasting” is simply a matter of dunking the pre-cleaned-and-cracked parts in a garlicky/buttery heart attack-worthy marinade/sauce and then reheating them in a 500 degree oven for about 10 minutes. I used a (hot) red pepper/orange juice/garlic/butter/olive oil marinade. Paired with a German riesling, though a wheat beer or pale ale might have worked as well. Saved the bubbly for later in the evening.


      2. When did the marinade sauce (the red pepper etc. one) go on? Or was it a dipper? I like German riesling! Sounds really good. *licks lips*


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