The Rapanui, the ancient people of Easter Island, the old theory went, committed ecoside, chopping down all the trees and bashing each other over the heads with them. True?

Maybe not. Read my favorite book, The Statues that Walked, by Terry Hunt and Carl Lippo, and decide for yourself.

The ancient Rapanui rocked! (Literally.)


Modern Rapanui are funny. What’s wrong with this picture? Hint: ancient Rapanui didn’t have rebar.


Modern Rapanui are handsome and very smart. (Christian, tour guide and historian:)


What negative stories of places or people did your travels debunk?

7 thoughts on “Did war really destroy Easter Island?

  1. Speaking of a culture that did ecoside, I read a difficult article about our plastic ocean. In the “summary” an archeologist digs 100,000 years from now and says, this is the plastic layer. these people created and overused plastics, sterilizing themselves in the process… Sorry for such a random negative comment. Its just odd how history goes.


    1. Hi David,

      No need to apologize! I appreciate the interaction.

      It’s touch and go for us humans, that’s for sure. Fortunately, we’re also extremely innovative and at some point I believe we’ll fix that plastic ocean. Let’s just say, I’m leaning toward that future in which we unleash the true talent of our species by freeing everyone from totalitarian, and exploitative regimes. Directing my energy, thoughts and a few bucks here and there toward a bright future. Looking for the positive and helping expand it.

      That’s kind of funny, “sterilizing themselves in the process.”




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