Readers of all income levels have used this to free themselves:


Do you want to track every penny? Sounds awful, but look at it this way:

“A Spiritual Discipline
Religions, ancient and modern, as well as the personal growth workshops of the human potential movement all have techniques for training the mind to be here now, “in the moment.” These practices take many forms and include such techniques as watching the breath as it goes in and out; repeating a phrase over and over in order to focus the wandering mind; concentrating on an object…To this list we add another discipline designed to sharpen awareness—one that is indispensable to the financial program and perhaps more easily accepted by our grounded, materialistic Western mentality than some of the more ‘esoteric’ practices. Instead of watching your breath, you watch your money. This practice is simple:

Keep track of every cent that comes into or goes out of your life.”

Learn how to equate time, money and life energy.

“A shift will take place in the realm of values as your handling of money increasingly comes into alignment with what really matters to you.”

  • Make choices, not sacrifices
  • Choose simple pleasures
  • Work for money, maximize, save, and finally, “cross over”
  • Escape the hidden costs of working
  • Be a better friend, neighbor, family member, citizen

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