Like when you have to do frickin laundry? When you could be creating?? Much more important!

Like when you have to do a U-turn to get into the store when you could have just made a right if you’d been paying attention? Frustration.

“Do you treat this moment as an obstacle to be overcome to get to some future moment?”


“Almost everyone lives like this most of the time. Since the future never arrives, except as the present, it is a dysfunctional way to live. It creates a constant undercurrent of unease, tension and discontent.” 

Hint: There is nothing wrong with this moment.

Try it.


One thought from many from this book, sticks. Slowly, little by little, it changes everything.

Audio version highly recommend.

“Feel the aliveness within your body. That anchors you in the now.”

“When you say yes to what is, you become aligned with the power and intelligence of life itself. Only then can you become an agent for positive change in the world.”

“There’s a sacredness to everything you perceive in the present.”

4 thoughts on “Does this moment suck? Book review Stillness Speaks, Eckhart Tolle

  1. Added this book to my Amazon Wish List. Love this one part you quoted above: “…the future never arrives, except as the present….” Wow. What a new way to look at the ethereal here and now. Thanks, Nia, for all the book recommends.


  2. This is a great reminder. My life became much happier and MUCH less stressful when I began to practice living in the moment. Even after years of understanding this it’s still hard to stay here with the way society and expectations in the US run around us, but it is a key to being effective, at ease and joyous for me. Thanks for sharing!


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