Wear late brother’s clothes, too big but cozy feeling:

Scott Peak in the background

Savor the peaceful resort before opening:


Write Halong Bay, Vietnam blog post in the lodge:


while husband joins skiing clinic.

Gathering of eager students and outstanding ski instructors at the lodge

Pause for mindfulness (see http://vinaire.wordpress.com/2012/09/18/more-on-mindfulness/) in preparation of fully enjoying this little knob.


See this sweet spot (Beaver Bowl Ridge) and desire it but will have to climb.


Prepare to hike the ridge, encounter this sign:


Let’s see, skiing alone, high winds, will be hiking in ski boots on an icy ridge, sign warning of possible death or worse… Turn back.


The front of the ridge, inbounds, should be good enough.


Missed upper sweet spot but this looks plenty good. (Lower Beaver Bowl.)


Back at the lower levels, discover untouched corduroy (skier term for groom lines) on closed Kangaroo lift.


Lay down tracks.


Don’t forget to look at Lake Tahoe from top of Wolverine Bowl.




Skier’s left of Wolverine Bowl, off-piste, very tasty.


Practice mindfulness one more time, while waiting for husband to swap out demo skis. See Scott Peak not just as an imposing mountain but as a complex pattern of rugged, volcanic rock.P1020273

Drive to Reno to pump iron with awesome stepdaughter.

Observe beautiful pregnant woman doing Bulgarian split squats with 50 pounds of weights.

Work on novel until midnight.


  • Life.
  • Family.
  • Love.
  • Health.


7 thoughts on “Sun, ice, and wind, Alpine Meadows, February 5, 2013

  1. These photos are awesome (but not by an Android here. right?). Yet what pulled me were the mental fragments of your life (and thinking) that you shared with us. Mindfulness. Beautiful pregnant lady. Awesome stepdaughter. Lifting weights. Sleep. Working on novel until midnight. “Life. Family. Love. Health.” says it all. Thanks, Nia.



    1. Thank you, Denise!!

      Ha ha! Right. Not the Android! Oh, I love my small but mighty camera. Len put it on a lanyard for me so I can wear it around my neck because I was miserable when I kept missing shots, taking off my gloves and trying to fish the camera out of my pocket without dropping it or my gloves off the chair and into the snow.



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