Since beginning blogging on January 4, 2013, I have expanded beyond anything I’d ever dreamed possible.

A slow reader, I figured my learning rate would always match. Joining the Blogisphere and just listening to those who have listened to, I have downloaded worldviews at a rate of gigabytes per second.

…Walked across the dunes in the Sahara desert barefoot (,

found everything I would like to say about my dad articulated by another  (,

discovered the beauty of an Ohio winter (,

discovered an artist who moves, inspires and educates me (,

traveled to the edges of philosophy (,

met a young man whose philosophy and blog are so beautiful they bring a tear to my eye (,

learned to appreciate a famous sight through perceptive eyes (,

and found a “safe, calm and peaceful place” to rest and rejuvenate (

So much more… This will need to be a recurring theme on this blog.

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