Not much needs to be said here. Enjoy!



6 thoughts on “Wildflowers and Tahoe, Pacific Crest Trail, Barker Pass to Alpine Meadows, 2011

  1. Wonderful wildflowers that I don’t see here in Texas. I love the beauty of nature. Always good to see it preserved within America. And I don’t believe Barker Pass was named after me–ha!



    1. There must be some relationship. You would like it there. Even if you don’t do the long hike, the pass is an amazing place to drive to. You go up and up and up and up and then you can see forever.


  2. It won’t be long and we’ll be outside and the flowers will be blooming. We didn’t get a winter here really! It sure felt like spring yesterday in the mountains. I could smell rain. Not a good thing when you are skiing!
    Beautiful photos and picture of you!


    1. Thank you, Susie!

      We are in a drought too. It makes blogging about skiing a tad difficult. But there’s still hope for March snows. Fingers crossed for both of us.



      1. Breck got 9 inches last night. I wish I could hit just one of those powder days… It looks like it is snowing up in the mountains right now! …toes crossed too…


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